The EML 2515 AJ punch/fiber laser combination machine streamlines production and reduces cost by allowing fabricators to implement different part designs and find one that can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively. AMADA’s EML AJ takes productivity to an entirely new level.

Compared to the previous generation, the EML AJ’s fiber engine uses a 200-watt diode array to generate 3kW of power, making it 3-times more energy efficient than the CO2 model. This allows for increased cut speeds and higher wall-plug efficiency. The fiber laser cutting capabilities enable modern manufacturers to create endless geometric patterns to accommodate a wide variety of parts to increase profit margins. Utilizing fiber laser technology allows businesses to expand their process capacity and ensure a quick return on their investment.



Low Energy Consumption with High Productivity

Amada Fiber Laser

The EML-AJ uses a single module 3kW version of AMADA’s own in-house designed fiber laser oscillator, which is perfectly suited to the processing of combination parts with very low running costs.

All Electric Punching

The EML-AJ uses twin AC servo motors to generate 30 tons of punching force, allowing a wide range of punched and formed parts to be processed. This system uses up to 70% less electricity compared to hydraulic systems.

Automated Tool Changing

The EML-AJP version includes the new PDC (Punch Die Changer) unit to minimize manual tool loading operations. Up to 220 punches and 440 dies can be stored in the system and all tool sizes can be automatically loaded / unloaded by the robot, including ‘E’ station tools and forming tools.


Standard Equipment and Functions


Nozzle Changer / Single Lens

To ensure uptime is maximized, the EML-AJ is equipped with an automatic nozzle changer for fast changeover times. To further maximize productivity, all materials can be cut with a single lens.

Scrap Plate Cleaner

This automatic system quickly and simply removes any dross build-up on the cutting gap plates by utilizing a cleaning brush attached to the end of the X axis carriage.


Check the real-time machine status remotely on your smart device. Additionally, whenever an alarm occurs, V-Monitor will also record HD video to enable diagnosis of the issue.

Table Cabin & 2nd Origin

To protect the operator, the unique table cabin solution is used in a closed position when laser processing. If being manually loaded, there is a 2nd origin point outside the cabin to allow easy sheet positioning without having to open the cabin.

Punch & Form (P&F) System

To compliment the already high capabilities of the EML-AJ machine, the P&F system is also included as standard. This consists of a 16 ton forming system which activates the die to allow the processing of forms up to 22mm high.

ID Tooling

Punches and dies are immediately identified and tracked for number of hits, sharpening amount, and remaining life, helping to minimize set up mistakes. The tool angle and appropriate die selection are also confirmed upon installation.

Compressed Air Cutting

A wide range of materials and thicknesses can be processed with compressed air on the EML-AJ as standard. This drastically reduces the assist gas costs and leads to higher profitability. Cutting speeds are generally the same as with nitrogen.

Punch break detector

The sheet repositioning cylinders are used to blow air through a punched hole to determine if it has been correctly processed or not. A build-up of back pressure indicates the punch could be broken or incorrectly setup. The machine will stop to prevent further issues.

Tapping stations

4 tapping stations are integrated into the turret of the EML-AJ. These allow M2.5 to M8 taps to be utilized in the program. When they are not required for tapping operations, they can be loaded with standard ‘B’ station tools.

AMADA rapid forming tool (ARFT) compatibility

The EML-AJ is supplied with the ability to support the AMADA Rapid Forming Tools (ARFT) for continuous, quick forming of more complex profiles such as offsets, beading and chamfering.

Z turret

The upper turret is a smaller diameter than the lower turret, which ensures quick and easy manual tool changing on the EML-AJ and facilitates automatic tool changing on the PDC model.

Automatic scrap unloader

Scraps generated by the laser cutting process are automatically removed from the cutting area, providing continuous operation and improving operator efficiency.


The AMNC 3i numerical control used on the EML-AJ is a 21.5” HD touch screen system that provides simple, intuitive operation for higher productivity.

Work chute

The full width, automatic work chute allows parts to be quickly and easily removed from the processing area. A drop miss sensor detects if a part fails to drop correctly to minimize production interruptions.

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