The Amada HG 2204 ATC enhances all of the standard features of the HG 1003 ATC by offering a longer bed length of 13-ft., 240 US ton pressure, and 112.8-ft ATC tool capacity. Quick tool setups achieved by the ATC gives users the ability to seamlessly introduce rush jobs and triple or quadruple the amount of setups performed each day.

The HG 2204 ATC is equipped with a factory-installed sheet follower to assist an operator while bending large and/or heavy parts. Parts that normally require multiple operators can now be efficiently handled by a single person, thereby reducing labor costs and reducing the hazards associated with bending these types of parts. When not in use, the sheet follower arms can be slid to the right side of the press brake for full machine accessibility.


Additional HG 2204 ATC features and benefits include:

  • Ideal solution for variable lot sizes and complex tool layouts
  • Increase the number of tool setups performed each day
  • Reduce operator experience requirements
  • ATC stores 112.8′ (26.4m) of tooling
  • New AMNC 3i control
  • 8-Axis Backguage with L-Shift
  • Integrated bend sensor
  • Factory-installed sheet follower to assist operator
  • Low energy consumption


HG 1003 ATC

HG 2204 ATC

Tonnage (US) 110 240
CNC Control AMNC 3i
Max. Bend Length 118.1″ 161.4″
Max. Stroke Length 9.8″
>Open Height 23.4″
Distance Between Housings 106.3″ 148″
Crowning System (2) Hydraulic crowning cylinders (3) Hydraulic crowning cylinders
Ram Repeatability ±0.00004″
Approach Speed 8.7″/sec.
Bending Speed 0.78″/sec. (max.) programmable
Return Speed 9.8″/sec.
Backgauge (8) axes including L-Shift
Sheet Followers N/A Standard
Overall Machine Dimensions (L) 238.1″ x (W) 126.6″ x (H) 117.3″ (L) 280.5″ x (W) 134.4″ x (H) 130.7″
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 12.7 gal. 32.4 gal.
Total Weight 26,840 lbs. 51,900 lbs.
Supply Power 200V, 22kVA 200V, 41kVA
Foot Pedal (2) auto slide and remote
Bend Angle Control Auto Bi-S (Single) Auto Bi-S (Dual)
Safety Safety device, safety gate (tool change), light guard (slide pedal), PILZ PSENvip P (operation)

ATC Specs



Tool Style AMTS ATC
Punch Stockers 15 18
Die Stockers 18 25
ATC Location Right hand
Max. Tool Layout Length 120.47″ 157.5″
Minimum Tool Pitch 0.196″
“V” Range 0.157″ – 1.57″
Punch Reversal Unit Yes
Punch Height 6.7″ standard • 8.7″ special

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