About The Company


EDGE FABRICATION INC. is a full service, custom sheet metal fabricator of parts and components. Our quick response metal fabrication business model is specifically designed to meet your rapid production needs at a competitive cost.

Our company is a well equipped fabrication facility which can handle most architectural, industrial or commercial projects. From fabricating hot/cold rolled steel, to cold forming aluminum, steel or stainless steel, we have exceptional capabilities.

Our focus is on customers who have high product mix or variability. Our sheet metal fabricating equipment set and business processes are tailored for these customers, which enables us to operate with high equipment utilization and low overhead.

We Specialize in Sheet Metal Fabrication Prototyping and Production Runs


Edge Fabrication Inc.
1725 Hurd Drive Irving, Texas 75038
Phone: 972-714-3893   |   Fax: 972-767-3228
Email: info@edgefabinc.com
Edge Fab is an ISO registered firm